As the Echo Hill PTO, we couldn't do what we do without a committed and growing team of volunteers. Parents, grandparents, neighbors, and friends, each working side by side toward a common goal: 

Making Echo Hill Elementary School the best place it can be!
If you would like to get involved at Echo Hill, please follow these simple steps:
  1. Complete the Linn-Mar Volunteer Registration Form. This form is a one-time-only form to be completed for any person new to our school or new to the district, establishing them as ready to serve our kids. The district will contact you once submitted to schedule a brief orientation. 
  2. If you are an active volunteer that has already completed the volunteer orientation in Step 1,  you are ready to serve our students! We are excited that volunteers are again allowed inside the Echo Hill school building to serve. Our Volunteer Co-Coordinators found creative ways to adapt to Covid-19 regulations earlier this school year, including curbside pick-up of workshop materials, assigning tasks to be completed from home, and scheduling volunteer activities before and after school. Some of those practices may still be used as we close out the 2021-2022 school year. Thank you for your ongoing flexibility and understanding in these atypical times. 

    How can you find more specifics about volunteering?
    - Email the Volunteer Co-Coordinators for current opportunities;
    - Attend the next PTO meeting to get a feel for the PTO's work and needs;
    - Like the Echo Hill PTO Facebook page for additional info, too.

  3. After each volunteer session, please remember to log your volunteer time. This includes attending PTO meetings, participating in a volunteer workshop, or performing any activity for the PTO, whether it takes 30 minutes or three hours. Keeping track of volunteer time helps us appreciate and recognize the work of our volunteers all year long. Not sure how to log your volunteer time? Check out this brief tutorial, walking you through the process step by step. 
Thank you for your support of Echo Hill!