Dash For Cash TOTAL Pre-Match (1).png
WOW! Echo Hill community, you make us so proud!

As of 10/6/21, our fundraising total to date is $11,025! We are expecting more matches to be rolling in soon, so that total will very likely continue to climb. Thank you SO MUCH for digging deep for our kids, to give them the best school experience possible this year. We are so grateful! Thank you!

*Collins Aerospace families: thank you for your patience as we work out the challenges with their match program this year. We will be reaching out to you as soon as the issues are resolved.

We'll be updating the donations total as more come in. Thank you for supporting Echo Hill!

What is Dash For Cash?
Dash For Cash is Echo Hill Elementary's biggest fundraising event of the school year, facilitated by the Echo Hill PTO, a 501(c)3 organization. 
Parents and supporters in the Echo Hill community mark Dash For Cash as a time to give generously to support the activities, events, and educational enhancements for all Echo Hill students, all year long. 

Unlike other schools that ask students to participate in multiple fundraisers throughout the year (i.e., the sale of gift wrap, candy bars, popcorn, magazine subscriptions, etc.), Echo Hill focuses its fundraising efforts 
exclusively during the Dash For Cash timeframe. One ask, one cause, one big impact!

Dash For Cash is fun for students, too! Dash For Cash Day is Wednesday, Sept. 22, celebrating the close of the fundraiser. Students may dress in superhero attire while they navigate obstacle courses, relay races, and other themed activities. (Rain date: Thursday, Sept. 23.) 

Where does the money go? Funds from Dash For Cash purchase classroom needs, like musical instruments, educational materials, and technology upgrades. It funds teacher stipends, meals for teachers attending conferences, and birthday treats for Echo Hill staff and administrators. Dash For Cash monies also pay for various student celebrations throughout the school year. 

But we need your help. We are asking for a financial donation that fits your family budget: $5, $20, $100, $500 -- every dollar counts, and donations are tax deductible. Donate now online, or print the donation form, complete it, and return it to school by September 22, 2021.

Thank you for your generous support of Echo Hill Elementary!